Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rain and dangerous dudes

At last! We are having some seasonal rain today, just lovely and cozy. Here's what my friend Marta said about it:

I love this, I just love this. A good, moderate soaker, a celebration of life returning to our overly-parched California hills. Makes me feel good all over. And yeah, I know I’m strange.

Me too!

I went out earlier today to pick up some cat food from the vet. It was just sprinkling a bit and I parked the car across the street. I was crossing 24th Avenue, which has a stop sign, and was in the middle of the cross walk when I realized the man in the car approaching the intersection wasn't going to stop for me, or the stop sign. I was RIGHT THERE! So I yelled at him and smacked the backseat window behind him and he didn't even slow down till he was already across the intersection. Jerk. I could tell someone was behind me and my hand was damp and hurt a little bit from the slap, but I kept walking up the block to the vet's office. It was busy, with about three people ahead of me at the counter. By the time I was paid up and ready to go, a man had come in and told me he saw what had happened with the car. It was surreal. I told them what my Aunt Mary told me about 25 years ago: Reader's Digest did a study on bad drivers and they found that the worst by far were old men wearing hats. Yep, the guy who almost ran me down was an old guy with a baseball cap. You were right, Aunt Mary.

Also on my to-do list today was looking in on my neighbot's cats, the orange boys, Ti and Bu.

Okay, so this posting/formatting pictures thing, not so easy.


Kitt said...

I'm glad he didn't hit you! What a jerk.

Blogger has some quirks when it comes to placing and sizing photos. What are you trying to do?

Leah said...

I wanted to stack the two pictures on the right side of the related text, but I added them both at the same time. I'm thinking it might have made a difference if I'd done the pix one at a time. Does it always place the pictures at the top of the post?

Lisa said...

I'm kind of clueless when it comes to moving pictures around on Blogger, so I can't help you there. But -- them're some cute kitties! And good to see you back.