Thursday, November 08, 2007

Boy, is it dusty in here.

Just let me open up a window and get some cross-ventilation going.

It's been quite a year and a half. Outsourced but still employed, Dad died, I'm an absentee landlady now (well, along with my brothers) and trying to stay on an even keel managing the property and a drunk brother.

I've taken time off from quilting, got temporarily obsessed with artist trading cards and have gotten back to knitting. So the creative urge is still alive and well and serving as good therapy, supplemented with actual therapy.

It's going to take a bit to get my blogging chops back (the few I had), so bear with me.

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Kitt said...

Huzzah! Glad to see a post. No word yet on the forum, alas. Leaves you time for blogging, though.