Thursday, June 23, 2005

away from the sewing machine

I've been in the hot and humid south, Morehead City, North Carolina and came back missing having my hands on fabric. I used the quilt shop's classroom cutting table, which they've raised up 6 inches, and cut all the strips for a king-sized version of Pagodas. This will turn into a duvet cover for my good friend, Annie. The good news is that all that cutting didn't affect my back at all. Yay!

The bad news is I'm going back to NC July 4 for two weeks. But the other good news is that I found a quilt shop there, Sew it Seams, and I'll have some time to visit some others in towns nearby.

My mom was very happy with her quilt as was Cora and her daughter. The binding is done on India's quilt and her mom is coming back to work on July 5th. I just have to remove the ubiquitous cat hair and wrap it up and I'll leave it with someone here at work to give to her.

Friday, June 10, 2005

needless to say...

...I didn't get any of my pre-travel chores done (except refill some prescriptions) so now I have to do it all tonight. Welcome to the world of procrastination. I also stopped after a quarter of the way on finishing binding the last quilt because my fingers hurt so bad. What do you get when you have a procrastinator with a slight case of OCD?

Cora got her package on Thursday and was tickled pink (get it, Cora?) with the quilt and I got to speak with her daughter when they called to thank me. It was such fun to brighten their day and speak with these two southern belles.

Mom's quilt went in the mail on Wednesday. I hope it got there today and that she's as thrilled as Cora.

I also updated my links over there, adding the Architect Knits! and Following in Mother's Footsteps. These are two of my invisible Readerville friends who are interested in knitting, quilting and books!

Another new link is to PostSecret, a fascinating site that gets updated every Sunday with postcards sent anonymously. Scroll down to the first one posted on March 5.